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Fly12 without light and much smaller!

Hi Nick,

Cycliq is still a young company and has built itself around combining both light and camera technologies in simple, smart and compact devices for cyclists. Your feedback has been noted and we always take these ideas to the development drawing board.




maybe a bullet style cam or something like the rd32 for a front light design?

Hi Bo Go - you can turn the light off with Fly12 which should give you up to 10 hours of battery life with the camera on!


I have better lights already and hope that the Fly12 light can at least be turned off. I will probably just dim the light on the Fly 6 and try to mount one on the front. I really prefer a camera only version that can be  used front or back, with a slightly bigger battery. I ride with front and rear lights on at all time.

Hi Bill,

Thanks very much for your feedback on the device. We have had a great amount of support for it in its current design state thus far so we are confident it will be well received.

Kind regards


I'm really looking forward to the Fly12 but not in the design you've proposed. A rear-facing flashing light is something most people like, but won't like/need a foward-facing light ALL the time. It adds WAY to much to the size/bulk also. The Hero4 is insufficient in a lot of ways (battery life, complicated configuration, etc.) but they got the size right and they have mount that fits on the bottom side of the aluminum Garmin mount putting the camera below and out-of-the-way. If you did something as EASY to use (just turn on and go!) as the Fly6 in a small package (with the Fly6 price) for up front, you'd have a year-round winner! I just NEVER need a front light - ever!

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