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Please add a live viewer screen for the rear camera for the following reasons:

1. It would offer a significantly BETTER view of what is happening behind the cyclists than ANY rear view mirror anywhere can manage. This would enhance the safety value of the rear view function.

2. In many introductory press coverage, cycliq products are marketed for their safety enhancement attributes. This can not be correct if they are passive "after-the-event" products. For cycliq to truly claim safety functionality, it should be active and provide the rider with the option of using the product to avoid an accident. This is only possible if cycliq had a live view screen.

I personally use a rear view mirror and would feel much much safer with a live view cycliq camera to replace my mirror. I would be willing to a pay a modest premium to cover the costs of any additional technical work and risks that such a product would entail. The feature can be sold as an option to the main product so as not to antagonize cyclists that are not enthusiastic about it.

I have had an accident riding fairly slowly and was hit by a motorist from behind in broad daylight whilst I was in the cycling lane. I wish I had a camera like Fly6 with a rare view live monitor with a better view of the rear than my mirror because I would have been able to dodge the driver and minimize my injuries.

If there are fears about legal liability risks, these can be mitigated by a clear disclaimer statement in the product instruction manual. 

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