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Record without lights

Is it possible to have the fly 6 record without any lights on? Would this be possible with a firmware update?

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Hi Stuart,

Whilst this is possible via FW we don't release this as Fly6 is a safety device first and foremost and the product is based upon a light and camera combination platform.




I generally ride with 2 rear & 2 front lights, so this would be a really useful feature for the longer (100km+) rides. Six hours of battery is good, but sometimes I'm out longer than that (or forgot to charge everything fully). Plus 6 hours when brand new will soon enough be 5 hours... then 4... 

Also the safety device argument seems a bit inconsistent, since the Fly12 has a camera-only mode.

 I too would consider it would still function as a safety device without the light on but thanks for the update.

I agree this is really important -- everyone can easily carry two lights, I don't know anyone who uses just a single light.   Not many of us carry more than one camera.

Since the battery isn't user-replaceable, we already have to carry a backup battery to plug in (I've used li-ion cells for several years, I know how they degrade over time and how they become more dangerous as they age, expecially if they are not protected against over-discharge)


The Fly6 happily works without lights except for the small cycling LEDs by the lense. Just press the dimmer button repeatedly until only the LED circle at the top is showing. IN this mode it happily records for 6+ hours. This is how I use mine on long rides when  I have other lights on the bike as well.

I wonder if it's possible to hack the firmware to make it work since the company will not support it. 

I too would value this feature. I often to not want to draw attention to the light, and/or wish to get the maximum record time possible without charging frequently. I ride mostly during the day.

I have a brighter rear light and I need seven hours of runtime.  Disabling the tiny barely seeable circular lite to give me max run time would be helpful. I use the rear camera just as a camera, nothing more.

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