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We need your help - Cycliq Safety Jersey

We would like our loyal customer base to help develop a Cycliq safety jersey icon that we will put into production to complement the Cycliq Kit we have just launched with Cuore.

Please edit the jersey attached with your preference for a camera/ video icon which will be directed at everyone behind the rider wearing the kit. Be as creative as you wish!

The winner will receive a "New Fly6" as well as their design being used for the jersey.



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Great idea. Could I suggest that the message that a camera is in use, be put as low on the jersey as possible?  For riders who like to get aero, having the message up high makes it unreadable. (Ideally the best place to have the warning is on the shorts...) Is Cycliq considering shorts with the logo and warning?  I'd be a lot more likely to buy that because it means I can wear the warning with any/all of my current jerseys.

Hi Gerard,

Thanks for your feedback. We actually have just launched our Cycliq branded kit produced by Cuore. You can view this in the link below. The knicks have 3 points of safety reflective tabs for added visibility.

This is available online from Cuore now and soon to be released on our website also.

The idea at this point in time is for this jersey to compliment the other kit giving people the choice between which jersey they prefer. attached is a jersey submitted by another Cycliq user.



Thanks for the response Anthony. I really hope the panel on the rear of the alternative shorts design will have a large 'camera in use' emblazoned across it. It's the best placement for drivers to see IMO. If you do have this message on the shorts I'll certainly buy a few for myself and my wife. I'd even go as far as to say that a warning to oncoming traffic could potentially save lives by causing drivers to 'modify their behaviour'. I guess this would make shorts like that pretty valuable ;)

How about a jersey sponsored by CBS News?

Tim Nicholson

Stanford Cycling Coach 1975-1988

Can someone from your technical support contact me about automated accident reporting software!!!

How about using a speed camara sign symbol. The UK ones are a bit weird, they look as if the govt uses an old  Hasselblad.

The Australian one is similar to many US states and looks more like a camera. May be that without the WiFi like lines coming out the side. But with the message directly under it, or no message.

Thanks for you input Simon and Tim,



Your link to the Cuore site is broken but I found the kit. Highly ironic that a company selling safety cameras should have black cycling kit.
I'm sure I've read somewhere that the colour of the kit isn't that important, it's differences in contrast that the eyes pick up more.

So the theory is that a black/white or black/reflective top will be more noticeable than a hi-viz/reflective top - I presume that's in daylight conditions.  I can't find the link, but I've read that on another cycling site - could have been bikeradar or roadcc............course it could all be rubbish. :)

If you've got a big red/white flashy thing on your bike, then I don't think it matters what you're wearing; people will notice the flashy thing before they notice your kit.  And I'm not just saying that because I ride around wearing a pair of 1980's Nike football shorts and Gunners top. :)

Hi I  have a laminated A4 sign with the wording VIDEO CAMERA since I have been wearing this I have not had an incident, I also ride on my own a lot being a retiree

I acknowledge the comments that you may not see the message at the top of the back side of the jersey, particularly when in aerobars, but I'm not sure any drunk driver or glaucoma patient - or anyone - is going to be able to read this in action, anyway, with a rider in any position (tops, hoods, drops, or aero). Still I like the idea and would wear this kit for you.

I'm not sure I follow the suggestion of moving the message to the shorts either --- surely you're thinking left ham rather than top center. As for color, red and silver appear more appropriate with black writing and mostly black camera image, but it's perfectly okay to keep the bibs black with some reflective material on both the jersey and the bibs. Perhaps the camera lens should also be reflective material. 


Re positioning of the message: top 10-20 cms of the shorts at the back are the easiest part of the kit to read a logo. You can see this by looking at many pro team kits. When you're even partially down low, this is still the most upright and rear facing plane. Re glaucoma and drunks. The important thing I'd like to get across to you is that this sign is a warning to aggressive drivers or simply ones not considering the trouble they could face if they are caught on camera. It's a deterrent to those drivers. Nothing will save us from drunks but a p player with friends in the back may think twice about throwing a bottle or aggressively overtaking. *those* are the drivers that a clear message that they are being videoed, will possibly deter.

Hmmm! Nice but... More often than not (here in the UK at least) if it was important that video had been captured of an 'incident', it would be because the driver was a complete tw*t! (That missing letter is 'a' - in case you don't get it!).

And in 100% of those type of collisions caused by the aforementioned, if he knew you had filmed him, whilst you're lying on the road in agony (assuming you're still alive), he'll take the camera(s) to destroy the evidence - after he's laughed himself silly showing it to his Chavvy mates!

So publicising that you have video on your bike, for me, is a big NO NO!!!

I'd like to see a kit with a high visibility colour being dominate rather than black with a small amount of high viz colour


Cars pass with a lot more room when they realise you have a camera. I fitted one to my helmet, but didn't use it as the battery only lasted an hour or so. THe ones actually working are the front and back ones running all the time but not as obvious. The comment about the drivers coming to your body to destroy the evidence may be a little too farfetched to overcome the advantages of drivers realising they are being filmed.

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