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Viewng Fly 6 Software


A question to those who have the knowledge and/or experience...

I have a Fly 6 and use a MAC.

Which software package will allow me to 'zoom in' and sharpen up the image in order that I can read the number plates on vehicles?

Just viewing the video 'as is' does not work very well in terms of number plate identification.

Probably like most I don't have an issue buying a SW App provided it is not overly expensive.

Any pointers/recommendations etc appreciated.

Many thanks


I don't use Mac but your issue is a general one, and the solution is straight forward - but not always successful:

Because Fly6 output is (unfortunately) not 1080p, 'sharpening' a frame of the image won't help you a lot. However if you think in your case it would then do the following:

Being that your monitor will be higher resolution than the Fly6 movie file, and because its an 8-bit image (ie: no other non-visible image information to use), you can view the video on your favourite playback tool at 100% scale (Does Quicktime player work for fly6 format? Maybe you can just export out a frame from that?). 

When you have hit a frame that you think gives the best view of the number plate, screen grab the image and save the file in a format that doesnt further reduce the image quality (.tif uncompressed for example). 

Open the images in this online application:  You can do most of the standard photoshop type edits to the image (it pretty well looks exactly like a photoshop UI).  I'd recommend adjusting levels, and an unsharp mask (under filters>sharpen menu) to try to push any image information that you can get, but don't expect miracles. Remember "Zoom in and enhance" is only a line from sci-fi films.. if the information is not in the image - improving the image is only guesswork.

I'm hoping Cycliq decision makers have higher resolution and higher frame rate / bit rate (to catch details on bumpy roads) on the top of the Fly6 v3 improvements list. This will also keep them ahead of gopro if gopro decides to improve battery life of their session camera. (currently captures 1080p 60 fps for 1:45 or 30fps for 2:05) 

Cycliq recommended NCH Software in this post.

But I have brought clips in to iMovie without difficulty and taken a screenshot. (see attached file) 

The same can be done with VLC

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