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Fly12 Light settings

The gazillion light settings is great. But.... As someone who rides on routes with a mixture of good and bad street lighting, roads and bike paths, I like to swap between flashing and steady modes. The Fly12 makes me cycle through up to 10 options (including off) before I find the one I want. Any chance that a future firmware update could allow some of those options to be removed?
At a guess I would say you can through the app settings (iOS only at this stage). All light modes are listed there with toggle switches for on/off. It looks like you can pick which ones you want and then save the settings.
Thanks, Niall. I eagerly await the Android App, then.


The first image shows the general settings tab of the app with light settings highlighted. The second image shows the lighting combinations and the toggle switches. What may be an option for future firmware and all improvements is if the sequence of lighting combinations desired can be reordered by the end user and saved.

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