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Visual alert needed at bottom

 The visual alert light when recording is only displayed on the top section of the light. If you mount the light upside down (as is under the handlebar instead of on top) then you can't see the visual alert.

On the next HW revision it would be good to include this visual alert on both sides.

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Agree, that would be perfect so that I'd know that if its recording constantly or not (or even if the unit is on). What they've done in the meantime to compensate for this is allow you to switch on a beep (every 3, 5 or 10 mins) so that you can hear if its on or's "ok" & suffices a little, but the visual would certainly be better.

Actually I couldn't hear the beep sound amidst all the road buzz..I assume it's recording. But visual is definitely better. Hope to see a v2 in future.

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