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Provide an option to record 10 minutes per file on the Fly12

Please provide an option in the config file to save 10 minutes per file rather than 5 minutes. Any significant ride generates a lot of files. Even a couple of hours generates 48 files.

When I go to do post processing of the video I have:

- One .FIT file for the entire ride

- 6 video files per hour from the Fly6

- 12 video files per hour from the Fly12

I can coordinate pressing the start button on the two cameras and it would be good if there was a one-for-one correspondence after that!

What I am doing is to first of all produce a picture in picture from the two cameras, then using VIRB Edit or Dashware to overlay that with the data from the GPS.

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@Patrick Keogh:

Tell me more about your VIRB Edit / Dashware processing! I am interested in synchronizing GPS data with my footage, as well.

Step 1, load all the video files into some video editing program. I use Adobe Premiere Elements, with all the Fly6 files in one track and all the Fly12 files in another. Step 2. Move/cut the tracks so they are in sync. Step 3. Make a picture in picture composite I put the rear view top left at about 20%. Step 4. Export the video. Step 5. Import this video and the FIT file into Virb Edit or Dishware. Step 6. Synchronise the two. Step 7. Add gauges to suit your needs. Step 8. Export the video. So now you have a video file from the Fly12 overlaid with the rear view from the Fly6 and with data such as a simple route map, speed, gradient, temp or whatever on screen too! Actually I am playing with mixing in a third video stream from a helmet cam but the technique and tools are the same.

I might add that the video clock of my Fly6 and Fly12 are different so that if the two are in synch at the beginning of the ride they are about eight seconds out of synch after an hour. In Adobe Premiere Elements you can stretch or compress a video clip by under or over sampling and this works well, but it is useful if all of the clips from one camera have been joined into a single clip first. TO get the synchronisation close enough I tend to use the old fashioned method that movie studios used since the first "talkies" that is I clap my hands loudly which then makes it easy to align the two tracks (you can do it visually using the "spike in audio levels). I pan all the rear camera audio to extreme right and all the front camera audio to extreme left which produces a nice "stereo" effect as cars go past.

Please, please Cycliq (I know I have asked for it elsewhere) please bring out a version of firmware with an option in the config file to allow both camera types to record ten minute clips! It would make video production so much easier!

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