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Fly12 "thm" Files

While I expect there's a good reason for the Fly12 to record two files sizes, can the thumbnail files be "sorted" in some fashion? In the current method, a user needs to select every OTHER file in order to separate the two file types. This is VERY cumbersome when sorting through 32GB of recorded files from a long ride.

Suggested solutions in order of preference:

  1. Put thumbnail files in a subfolder
  2. Give thumbnail files a custom extension
  3. Add a naming prefix instead of suffix for THM to allow sorting

Thanks for consideration.

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A naming prefix is probably the easiest although a separate folder is probably the tidiest

Request option to not record THM? About 5% storage and presumably battery lifeĀ 

Request Android app has option to switch THM recording off.

A possible user solution for Jared:

- Press "Size" heading on Details View of File Explorer to sort by file size.

All the full size recordings will be one half of the list and the small size thumbnail files will be on the other.

David - that's a really simple and nice solution that I wish I'd thought of - thanks!

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