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Fly6 Recording format/Higher Quality Next Version?

First thing I must say is I love my Fly6 and Fly12!!!  

I was so excited to get the new Fly12 after having my fly6 for an entire year.  I was however surprised at the quality in video difference.  The difference between the 6 and 12 is radically different and they use a different file recording format. 


I know that your team has worked hard on these devices and I have no real complaints about them just a question. 


Do you plan on upgrading the Fly6 to better recording capability and matching file format?  It would be nice if the Fly6 had the same video quality and file format as the Fly12?

Keep up the great work.

Is there a firmware update in the future to change the lowest setting of flashing red light on the Fly6 to a single red light blink every couple of seconds instead of a circling red light around the lens?  Kind of a annoying while in a pack or pace line and there is a circling blinking light on the back of your seat post.  Maybe just another option when running through the blinking light options.????


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I agree with you on turning off the'rotating light'

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