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Running the FLY12 on an external power source

I know we can run the FLY6 on an external power source which is great for the ultra-distance cycling events, but I cannot run the FLY12 on an external power source.  I would love to see the FLY12 get the capability to run on an external power source which would work perfectly in the ultra-distance cycling events where we are riding 12 to 24 hours in a single stretch.

I use the cameras on every ride, but I can only keep the FLY12 running for the duration of its battery capacity.

Please let me know if you ever add this capability to the FLY12.  I will even purchase a 2nd FLY12 if the change is a hardware change.

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Hi Scott,

Thanks very much for the feedback - it is not an uncommon request from our user base. Unfortunately, we will not be adding this functionality to the current version of the Fly12 but will be definitely keeping this in mind for future product versions.




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