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Fly6 - feature request: disable beeping sounds, or have them optional

I find the constant beeping of the Fly6 — when turning the unit on, off, or mounting the unit to a computer — a bit annoying. I work in a quiet office and everyone hears it, among in other situations.

It would be good if the batter indicator status sound was an opt-in. (For instance, of you double tapped the power button.) Or, you could have the lights blink — once, twice, or three times — in succession when you powered down the unit to indicate the remaining charge.

For a feature that exists only to indicate a battery charge, I find it to be way overdone.

Yes on this a thousand times.  Beeping every five seconds when the battery is low is idiotic.  Why not just send a notification to the phone instead of beeping every five freaking seconds.  We get it.  The battery is low.

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