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Rear mounting options

When will cycliq come out with seat stay or rear rack mounting options ? Almost every commuter has a rack bag or saddlebag. The majority of cyclists are not being served by this product.

I believe the answer is never.  There have been multiple threads on this in the past, and the response has been that it is the judgment of Cycliq management/engineering mounting anywhere other than the seat post introduces an unacceptable level of vibration.

Ha. One side doesn’t keep in touch with the other. They sent me a link from their YouTube channel. They now use a 1/8 turn mount like the Garmin mount and make a rear rack adapter for it ( additional $26) for the Fly6 CE. The fly 12 looks like it finally has a GoPro adapter. I’ll stick with my Fly6 gen2 on a 3d printed seat stay mount and use my GoPro up front. Too little too late, obsolete AVI format, and way way too expensive. Only plus is battery life but I can change GoPro off dyno

I guess with the image stabilization they can now move the camera off the seat post.

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