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Front facing camera

The rear facing camera is great.  Would love a front facing camera as well.  No one else has a viable solution out there.

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I am sure a front camera/light is on the agenda. My preference would be to make it bright and light with a long run time. Don't try to replace the high powered off road MTB type set up, but light enough to be used as well rather than in stead of.

Having had a recent accident and having my "adventure" front facing camera fail but the rear facing fly 6 come through beautifully with a bit of luck a flashing white light front camera is just around the corner. Come on guys!

Don't make us ride around with front facing fly 6's  flashing red lights!

The article here indicates Cycliq is working on a new front light called a Fly12:

Anyone know when we can expect the front facing camera/light ? I have just got the new rear fly6 and am in the market for front one. Cheers gang! Dan.

I am a +1 for a front facing camera as well. I don't want a sport camera that gives me HD for 2 hours, I want a safety camera that lasts for 6+hours.

Glad to hear everyone is keen for us to develop a front facing solution! We actually thought of the idea of a front camera & light combo at the same time as the rear camera & light combo. Unfortunately, we did not have the resources to develop both at the same time.

Now that we have brought out the new Fly6 we have some time to look at the front solution. We have had great feedback on the new Fly6 and we want to keep some of our signature (cycling specific) features for the front version:
  • great battery life
  • simple to use
  • easy to install
  • stable footage

We hope to bring it our later in 2015 however we might do an announcement early next year. The best way to stay up to date on this is to subscribe on our website.

Keep your thoughts and ideas coming as we are deep in the design stages of Fly12 right now!


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I'm definitely in the market for this as well. Planning on a helmet mount or handlebar mount? I have heard from a number of cyclists who find that drivers give them a wider berth when they are obviously sporting helmet cams (or even helmet lights that drivers mistake for helmet cams). So I'd favor a helmet mount.


Hi Valerie - we are not planning a helmet mount at this stage as we find the footage less stable than when a device is attached to the bike.


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A front camera is one I'm looking for. If I have all the bright lights I need, front and back, can the red led light be turned off? Or just down to it's lowest setting? And therefore have a longer battery life?
In fact, can the battery be replaced, with a spare, out on a ride?


Hi Steve - you can turn off the flashing lights on the new Fly6 however the rotating bezel lights will stay on as long as the camera is recording. By turning off the flashing lights it will improve battery life. Fly6 is a sealed unit to help with water ingress protection and as such cannot be replaced.

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I just got mine today, would definitely be buying a front facing camera when they come out.  Great product.

Just thinking about the front facing unit. How about a central recording unit receiving wireless input from front and rear cameras?

Time 10 minutes behind.

Can anyone tell me why when i set the date with the correct format yyyy/mm/dd then the time 07:10 when i record and view it, and I've tested it by waiting 30 minutes, it will always be 10 minutes behind the correct time.  Im at a loss.  Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks Matt

I'd also like a front facing camera.  I'd REALLy like it if there was a way to also use it when I'm out for an evening walk (for safety).  Perhaps a clip or an armband?   I had a creepy encounter a couple of weeks ago and would like to have shown the police the guy in question.  

PS I love our original Fly6.  The technical support has been wonderful!

Even an armband for my Fly6 would be useful.  Pedestrians wear flashing lights around here to be seen by drivers.

Matt Robinson - I understand a ticket has been created for your issue and has been addressed.

John Barber - there is loads of data being generated buy a front and back camera. Capturing it all by wifi in a central unit would require a very technical unit with loads of battery power (read heavy unit). It's not something on our radar at the moment given each device will record data on the device.

Hi There - thanks for your thoughts. Our front light and camera is small enough to hold in your hand as a flashlight!



Our front camera & light has been announced! Fly12 is coming and you can be part of it through a Kickstarter campaign starting next month. To register your interest go to our website.


would be really great if you make it so it can be charged while recording.
It's nice to be able to either extend the run time for long rides or just be able to plug in a reserve power source  for those time when you forget to recharge it



 Hi Geoff - Fly12 includes that feature!

Hi Andrew,

Love the Fly6 and the ability to keep the guys in the stinkboxes honest!

Just a bit of an idea that you could incorporate into your cameras - the Garmin I use has a mini-lanyard attached which allows the unit to continue to be attached to the handlebar in the event that the mounting fails - it has saved the unit on at least one occasion from being smashed on the ground!



On my ticket ~803 - I suggested that you pair up with trainer suppliers who are providing virtual trainers.
A big feature of these is that you can film your own roots and then upload them as a virtual route to be shared around the world.

I think that it would add another marketing angle to the forthcoming FLY 12 – and you might find it worthwhile to talk to some of the companies that are producing virtual training machines and virtual training software. If you specifically targeted that market, they might be pleased to give you publicity by suggesting to their customers that the fly 12 is ideally suited to produce virtual routes for their trainers.


I just got a Fly6 and am really impressed.  I would like to see a minimalist front camera option as well: perhaps without a light, which can be inconspicuously mounted below my stem.  I already have a Garmin Edge on my stem, and a set of white LED blinkies on my bars when there is a risk I'll be out at dusk (I try not to be off the road by then).  I'm running out of real estate!

Hi Doug G,

We believe you will be very happy with the different mount options that will be available for the Fly12 we are currently producing. There will be a mount option available that makes sure users dont run out of real etstate on their handle bars including a camera/light and garmin as you mentioned.

Watch this space!!



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