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Cycling Shirt

I think you guys should design some bright cycling jerseys with large text on the rear to the effect "Smile you're being filmed".

I think it would deter potential hooligans from antisocial behaviour.

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Hi Ed - it is a very common request and we want to do this as soon as we can however we are going to keep focusing on the product and will work on the jerseys soon.

Cycliq Support


Hi Andrew. 

Would you be interested in outsourcing this task? I am a graphic designer and would be interested in designing the graphics for the jersey and perhaps I could assist you by also taking care of the order process also.

Kind regards.

Hi Gerard - thanks for offering however we are working with some people to manage that for us already.

Andrew Hagen


Hi. Just checking in. Any jerseys in the near future? Offer is still there. ;)

Gerard you should just do it on your own.  No brands need mentioning. That way you wont be stepping on anybody's toes and your market is open to anybody with a cam rather than just a fly6.

Ed, okay. Sorry I was just checking to see if I could purchase a jersey if they were available. (Andrew H mentioned in a previous post that something was in the works) I like the fly6 and thought some great advertising on the backs of riders would be beneficial and help the rider at the same time. Some time down the road perhaps. Regards.
Hi Gerard,

Thanks for following up. We have been extremely busy with development of the new Fly12 , however we still have every intention of this happening in the future with several designs being looked at currently.

Regards and Happy Cycling



Seems that these thoughts were all 2 years ago. Fly 12  and the new mount have been successfully introduced since then.

I too would like to see a cycliq shirt with perhaps a Fly 6  ad on the back and/or a Fly 12 on the front. It would strengthen the message to drivers that they should keep at least their one meter of space between their car and the bike they are overtaking.

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