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Camera only

 I like the idea of a camera and light together but had you also considered releasing just the camera? I alerady have a good array of lights but have been looking for safety cameras. I don't want an action camera or its associated cost which is why your products were so appealing. I want a small, easy to mount safety camera for the front and rear.

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Hi Simon - we are going to stick to making combo devices.


Cycliq Support

Ok. Its good to stay focused and I think teh combination does have a real market advantage.


I am not sure why Cyclig would discount the viability of a stand alone camera for the front of the bike? There is a huge market for such a device and I am sure the inclusion of such a device by Cyclig would cement your name in the cycling community for bike cameras. With many cyclists trying to incorporate GPS, I-phone, computer, lights, cameras, etc........ A stand alone camera is a no brainer for me as that is exactly what I am in the market for. Bet I am not alone?


Kenneth Boles

Hi Kenneth - the effort (both time and resources) in making a new product is huge. Making a product that competes with the established action camera market has seen the corpses of many businesses already so we are cautious about it. At the moment, we make a combination device and that is effectively our 'brand'. Moving away from our brand to make a camera only is not on our radar at this moment. We would, as Simon said above, like to focus on making the best combo units and this is the best use of our time and resources at this stage. 

Maybe when we have more time and are established but for's all about focus!



I recently acquired the fly6 ( please receive my compliments- the product is performing well and was easily installed by this BBC'er- thats Born Before Computers..).

The request for a small forward facing camera only unit is one in which I also feel there is a potential opportunity. In my area vehicles only have a registration plate on the rear of the vehicle, so it would be valuable. Hopefully you can reexamine this idea, as I am sure you can do it well! I understand the need for focus/resources, its also about market needs and wants.


That's unfortunate that the company will not pursue a rear camera only option via firmware or otherwise. Can't find any other cameras on the market that have the battery life of the Fly6. Maybe I'll just have to use some electrical tape to prevent the light from annoying fellow group riders. 

I agree with all the above.  I met a user (I am not yet) of the rear camera and I asked him why to rear lights (he said your product has a mediocre light and it uses battery so he turns off your light? and used camera only.  I think you guys need to listen sharply here -  lots of folks want just your awesome camera and the light is optional.  Lots of folks want small too.  

Go Pro and its copies have a very short battery life, these cameras at least last five or more hours.  That is why I bought the Fly 6 and 12, a front and rear camera that lasts for my 70 mile plus rides.  GoPro require me to switch batteries every short while and I never know when the shut off.  Adding the waterproof case and its even slower to change out batteries, and the camera still die after a year or so.  The Fly 6 and 12 are close to ideal to what I want, shutting off the rear lite completely just as I do the front would give me max battery life.  I use brighter rear and front lites for my visibility and the cameras for safety.

I would be happy if the 4th light position was OFF.

I'm also in favor of camera only options. I already have a very good dynamo powered lighting system, optimized for lighting. You seem to have hit it out of the park with the cameras, but I have no need for lesser preforming lights and the associated bulk, weight, and cost. Since you've already developed a good camera system, product development would seem to be limited to a redesigned case and maybe smaller battery.

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