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remote enable

I have a home brewed integrated lighting system on my bike.

A Fly6 with an input such as voltage free contact or logic level (eg optocoupler + resistor)  would be nice. I'm not sure if your USB port could be rigged up to accept such an input without compromising functionality.

P.S. If a fly6 with front facing camera head was available, I'd buy it.

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Hi Rolf - we have not designed Fly6 for any input other than firmware.

We are designing solution for the front that will be available next year. Best thing to do is to subscribe on our website for updates.

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Hi, not sure what happened to my other post, but this could be a means of implementing the "remote enable".  (This link seems to be broken:  I have a similarly home-brewed lighting system on my bike.  ( gives an overview, more from the radio perspective but the lighting system gets a mention.)

Can the Fly6 detect the difference between a USB charger and a USB host?

If it can, then could the firmware be re-jigged to automatically power on when plugged into a 5V supply via USB?  (If plugged into a USB host, then obviously, it should behave as it does now: USB storage).

So the moment it receives power on the USB port, it'd wait a moment to see if it gets assigned an ID from the host, then proceeds to switch to ON mode after a timeout.  This leaves a problem of how to properly prevent water ingress in the USB port, but this is a separate issue.

Regards, Stuart Longland


Hi Stuart - we will be releasing a new firmware that should solve that issue. Would be keen for you to try it and let us know how well it works. Note that Fly6 is treated with nano technology both internally and externally which helps prevent corrosion even if you get some water ingress in the case of using a USB cable in wet weather.

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