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Different Mounting Positions & Battery

I just received a Fly6 as a gift and love it so far, but after 3 rides and 2 bikes I have a couple notes to share.

1. It would be great to have a seat mount, possibly a horizontal mount, or frame mount.  I have issues with the under seat bag moving camera around while riding and blocking camera lense.

2. I did a 4 hour ride and the battery was down to one LED when I turned off.  I do centuries 6-9 hrs and double centuries that can last 16hrs or more which the battery will die way before finishing.  Have you looked at a larger capacity battery option or an external pack option(better) that would only be used for longer rides?  Do you already know of any 3rd party external packs/chargers that you know are compatible?

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We have created a support ticket for this post and will address your point 2 in that ticket. For the other viewer of this topic, this is what we had to say about item 1.

1. We mount it to the seat post as it provides a very stable location for the footage to be taken. Our tests in other locations don't deliver the same smooth results making the footage in some instances very hard to watch and useless for capture information. We are hoping to deliver different mounting solutions in the future once we have tested them but for now we only have the seat post mount. If you google search "Franken Fly6" you can see other peoples hack mounts but they are not endorsed (& often for paniers)

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Can i mount it upside down (would fit better on my reverse curve tail fin on my velomobile) ?

Hi Greg - even tho Fly6 is only deigned to sit on a seat post facing backwards, it would be helpful to know exactly what you are suggesting. Please send us a photo of your set up to and we can have a look at your situation to provide some suggestions.



+1 for different mounting options. I have a Trek, and their designs have a seat mast cap, which puts the collar in the middle of the seatpost, and really limits your real estate for the Fly6 mount. I would definitely be interested in buying a rear mount similar to the BarFly (but for a seat post) which would attach to said post but push the mount part further out, so it wouldn't have to sit on the post directly. Thanks for considering!


Hi Dana - please send us a pic of your set up to and we can have a look to see if there are other solutions for your situation.


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