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Night mode for increased light sensitivity

I use my fly6 for road in the daytime however I actually bought it after I had a bottle thrown at me while commuting home in the evening. The issue currently is that the f6 is not equipped to handle low light as you mention on your site. I was threatened 2 days ago by a car load of a&$holes and it was simply too dark to pick up a license. Is there a way to increase exposure at night without blowing out highlights in daylight? I suppose we're talking about auto exposure or increased infra red sensitivity, or maybe a switch to longer exposure? (risking motion blur maybe?)
Hi Gerard - Fly6 uses the same camera technology as other action, common DSLR and smart phone cameras. None of them use infra-red sensors which means that none of them can 'see' anything when there is no or little light available. I think you identified some of the issues with day vs night footage and some of the issues you would need to deal with. We designed Fly6 with footage during the day time in mind and work hard to make it effective in low light situations. We have already had a case where a motorist was prosecuted for hitting a cyclist and driving away during the very early hours of the morning when there was very little light but enough to get the important information to enable the prosecution. Fly6, like those other cameras, can't detect anything when there is no light and we don't suggest it will.

One of the challenges to using infra-red technology on a bike is the amount of power required to emit the infra-red light beam/spectrum enough for the infra-red camera sensor to capture the specific light spectrum. There is not enough juice to do it from a small device like Fly6 and if you could, it would not take good footage during the day! We continually work with exposure and other settings to see if we can improve the footage and will hopefully bring out a firmware update in the next few weeks that will improve the footage a little.

Andrew Hagen


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