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add retroreflector, move tally lights, delete auto turn offs, use better clock

1. Light is large enough for ~square inch of red retroreflector and two super bright LEDs.  One of the LEDs should be lens focused and the other wide angle.

2. The rear facing rotating red tally lights aren't user friendly.  Delete the rear facing tally lights in favor of two alternate flashing green LEDs on the front leading edges.  Something the rider can see by looking between legs, without having to dismount bike.

3. Delete the automatic turn off functions.  The camera should run every time all the time once it is turned on.  To prevent over writing crash footage supply a 32GB flash card.

4. Use a better clock chip.  My camera is gaining over a minute per week.

 Hi Bob - will address your comments in order:

1. we will be reviewing the design later this year and note your comments

2. by law you are only allowed red lights facing rearwards

3. even with a 32GB card in a case where the bike is left by the side of the road it can still loop over the incident which is not something we want to happen.

4. we will be using a better microprocessor in all future models with wifi connection to a smartphone app that will synchronize the clock regularly!

Hope that addresses your queries.


Andrew Hagen

2.  Any color tally lights facing forward where rider can see them down between legs would be improvement.  a) The rotating tally light disturbs captured image. b) serves as a steal me advertisement. c) is invisible to rider while riding bike

4.  On first full discharge my tail light only filled 21GB of a 32GB card, maybe with external power this could be an issue.

Thanks for your commitment to improvements

Hi Bob - with regard to your 32GB card and assuming you have the new Fly6, you should format the card using these instructions before using so that it is in the correct format. This will ensure optimal performance.

Andrew Hagen


any chance that there could be a relay of the live image to a handlebar mounted screen;  a bit like a rear vision mirror

 Hi John - our position on live relay has been answered on this forum:



I appreciate the auto stop feature, however, my suggestion would be to have the user being able to set the time that the auto stop feature operates. For example, if the worst happens, I feel the best thing would be to have the camera stop after perhaps 5 or 10 minutes (the user can set this time), so that the user also has proof of events directly after the incident.


Hi Glenn - the feature we provide actually records for one hour after the event and one hour before (assuming the battery has capacity and you have the provided 8GB microSD card) so that the user has proof of the post incident events.


As far as the auto stop after 15 mins of inactivity, it would be great if this could be configured to be off if I wanted. Mine stopped the other day as I waited for a friend to change tube (yes he was slow) and I didn't notice. Remembering to check the light after every stop is a pain and for most of my rides I would set the light to not turn off. If its on at the cafe stop generally it won't matter as the battery life on the Fly6 is good. But having it off when I don't know defeats the purpose of having it.

I think the benefit of the circular led array is to offer more astute drivers the notion that there is something more going on in the rear light than just being a light... The "rolling" motion attracts attention for better or for worse. (mostly better I hope)

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