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While I loved the idea of the stickers (and as a designer, the entire packaging really) I don't have any use for them. I wonder if some more thought could be applied. Perhaps rather than a straight marketing-based brand recognition exercise, they could serve to promote messages regarding cycle safety / passing clearance etc to be applied to car rear windshields. A small* brand acknowledgement in the corner would in my opinion then see them being more useful, hopefully widely used and flow on to your brand being seen in a positive light. 

Thanks for having this feature requests page — a great idea!


* I say small because I've seen a similar idea before, however the branding itself was so massive and overpowering and the message was so small you couldn't read it. 

Hey Dave, 

Thanks for your suggestions, its a positive idea that we will take on board. 

As we are a new company, establishing our brand identity as you can appreciate from your professional background is key. We are all about cycling safety, we endeavour to promote and push the message in as many formats as possible. Our marketing is constantly evolving with the business, through this we hope to become leaders in strengthening the relationship between motorists and cyclists. 

Kind regards


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