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UK retailers

Hi, I tried your find a retailer thingy on your website but nothing happened.

Where in the UK can I buy the new version FLY6 from ?

I don't want to order from Aus and it not work for whatever reason and it costs me to send it back.


P.s I did google and only found one retailer selling the old version.

Hi Phillip, 

Thanks for getting in touch with us at Cycliq. 

Buying it directly from our website is currently the most efficient option for you.

If you have any problems with it, we will send you a replacement.

Kind regards


Excellent thanks. I want a fly12 when they are released also, love my garmin virb, but 2 hours battery life isn't quite enough.

Just one more question, will I have to put VAT  when it arrives here?

I read your FAQ and it is eligible for VAT which is another £37 , I will wait for a UK supplier and hopefully by then get the fly6 and fly12 as a bundle :)

Hi Philip - we have that note there incase we have any dramas. The price you pay includes VAT for UK residents. We guarantee it. If there is any VAT payable (& we know there is not as we have sent many many new Fly6 units there) we will refund you! In addition you will get it within 7 days of dispatch. Regards Cycliq

Even better, thanks...Will order one.

maybe worth pointing out that the FLY6 is now available via wiggle for 99 english quids.

very happy about this 

I am not happy, I paid £179 2 months ago

Hi Phillip - you would have received an email from us with a bonus offer to make you happy! Please contact us if you didn't get it on


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