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Garmin out front mount

So Nov can't come quick enough for my Fly12 delivery! I've a Garmin on an out front mount. Will the Fly 12 be able to mount underneath this. It would be great to have a double sided garmin out front mount with the Gamin on top and the Fly12 underneath on the same mount.

Whats Cycliq's thoughts/plans on this

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Hey Niall,

Thanks for getting in touch with us. 

We are currently working on a separate mount that will deliver that outcome.

Stay tuned for regular updates on the Fly12, thanks again for your support.



Is there any update on this?


Hey Bryan KEdge have a out front mount where the camera mounts underneath. Not sure what part of the world you are in but I bought mine on Bikebug for $84 Aus dollars

Anyone else think that the KEdge mounts are a total rip off? Think of what you are getting, its a bracket which can only cost a couple of €'s to $'s whatever to make. 

@Niall O'Connell I have recommended them in a couple of threads here, but check out the pricing and options from the folks at BarFly.  They are sturdy, light and have a lifetime warranty.

Thanks Steven - I see that the Barfly combo mount is USD39.95.... still that's crazy I think.

Don't buy this

Was a bit shit that Cycliq didn't include an out front bracket. The bracket that is included is top notch but doesn't incorporate the 2 devices.I hit my knees sometimes when I am aggressively climbing on the 12 with its current fitting. N

Need an out front solution asap

Well there are solutions out there - thats not the issue - the issue is how ridiculously priced they are. There is an opportunity here I think for cyclic to capitalise on this by selling the accessory themselves...same good quality.

I likewise will need to change the location of my Fly12 bar mount as well for the same reason - to try move it a little bit closer to centre as my knee has knocked off it a couple of times. I prefer of course to have the device below as opposed to above the handlebars.

If anyone sources a 'quality' dual mount at a decent price the post here. Check the reviews on them too as some of these are subject to impacting video quality due to increased vibration.

In the meantime lets not take away from what really is a brilliant product...well worth the wait!

Cycliq did team up and produce a decent mount, but only for it's camera. A  bit of a waste and will have people whingeing forever. Out front plus Garmin mount is what I thought I was getting, given the time and effort that when into the R&D process. The current mount would be great for a GoPro but not the rig that Cycliq have produced. It gets in the way of cables and hoses as far as it can only be mounted in one place on my bars.When I get out of the saddle I knock it with my knees.
I know that I am an early adopter and that these things will iron out, but seriously? Did you design team go to sleep?


I bought an aluminium GoPro mount for my handlebars which has worked well with the Fly12. I know it's not combined with a Garmin mount, but it's a really cheap option starting at around $4.

That's OK but we "cafe cyclists" want to be able to quickly remove both the GPS and Fly12 from the bike when we stop, and a GoPro mount is a bit fiddly. Ideal would be an over/under mount with two Garmin quarter turn fittings....

There are many good ideas floating around in this thread, but Cycliq is in the camera-safety light business.  I think we are all better served by Cycliq partnering with a mount/bracket specialist like BarFly, K-edge or WoMo than spending time on trying to provide every flavour in the rainbow of mounts.  I'd much prefer they figure out a way to get the Fly12 and Fly6 to talk to each other than expend R&D cycles trying to replicate what others are already specializing in producing.

I've just got an indigo dual mount for $30 AUD.
I use the garmin QR commuting and the GoPro mount for bolted in support when MTBing. This lets me quickly remove the light when I get to work, but is nice and solid when I need that as well. The Fly12 is a little heavier than the Indigo lights the mount is designed for, but so far it's working well. The Fly12 does have a tether just in case...

My GPS (magellan) is mounted on the stem, so there are no problems there.


Can someone recommend a specific, reasonably priced mount, preferably that allows the Fly12 to be mounted and removed quickly? Unfortunately, the included mount doesn't come close to fitting the handlebars of my Trek 7100, so I can't use the camera until I find an alternate mount. Thank you!

So the picture on the website shows a Garmin nestled neatly on top of the Fly12. But I can't tell if that is two mounts or one.  Has Cycliq announced anything about this?  I'm close to buying, but don't want to pull it out of the box and learn that I need to drop another $50 on a mount.

@Nate Cazier, the picture on the website is using a third-party mount.  There are a couple of other trheads on this topic here.  Bar Fly, K-edge, WoMo and some others have combination Garmin-GoPro mounts.

Thanks!  I wish Cycliq's in-box mount worked like that...  I ride in Southern California, and have already had to use my Fly6's footage in connection with a police report against a nasty driver, so I'm a convert to the concept.  I'll shop around for mounts.

@Liz Pomper

You may want to consider a stem mount like these from Bar Fly 

Quick update on this one. I meant to post it before, but forgot. The Indigo mount has a crazy level of vibration when the Fly12 is on the QR garmin mounting point on top. I figured it would be OK there for commuting where I just want to record an incident and use it on the lower mount for when I wanted better footage and could justify the time to screw it on and off each ride. The lower mount is OK (but not exceptional). The top mount would be unlikely to get sufficiently stable footage to accurately record an incident on anything other than a super smooth road. When I ride over cobbles the vibrations are absurd.

Back to the drawing board... K-edge XL perhaps...

I'll settle for a handlebar mount with out front much preferred; what they sent me with the Fly12 CE will not wrap around my handlebars on any of my bikes except perhaps the beater.  I have a Garmin out front that does fit so maybe there is a particular K-edge or something like that specifically suited for the Fly12 CE.  Third party is fine if not way over priced but I need to know EXACTLY which mount will work.  Mounts may not be their business, but they pretty much are since not being able to use the light and camera because the unit is unmountable doesn't exactly help sales.

I think I've come up with a solution... will post pics if anyone is interested

Yes, please! I've owned a useless Fly12 for 2 years because I have no way to attach it to my bike. 

Yes, please! I haven't found a good solution.

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