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Dual Lights for Fly12

I love the Fly lights/camera's. May I make a small suggestion. Most riders use flashing light functions for safety and indeed strobes catch drivers eyes the most, others use standard white light for navigating potholes. I and other riders I know would like to see one light unit that allows both functions at once, a simple flashing light for safety and a standard white light for navigating, to incorporate those two lights in a Fly12v2 would be great.

Hi Chris, 

Thanks for getting in touch with us at Cycliq and for your great suggestion.

There are many variations that could be made to make an awesome device even better, however there is always a trade off. 

In this case if we added two lights to the device in addition to the camera we instantly increase the weight and size of the Fly12. The majority of cyclists are very conscious of handle bar real estate and weight being added to their bike. We have designed Fly12 to be sleek, minimalistic and visually pleasing. We know it wont be the perfect accessory for absolutely every cyclist but we hope it will be for most.

Fly12 does come with a pulse mode which will go someway to addressing what you are after. Fly12s pulse mode will be a solid navigation light interspersed with a attention grabbing flashing sequence.

That being said we are a young company with lots of great ideas and we are continually innovating and developing so we will take your feedback on board for future product design.

Thanks again, happy cycling!



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