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Fly12 mounts

Will we get extra mounts like the Fly6?

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HI Alan - the exact details of what comes in the box are not completed yet. It is highly likely that the most common mount for Fly12 will not be made from plastic as they are for Fly6. It will likely be made of machined alloy and a much more expensive item. We are not sure if we can include two of them or not at this stage.

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Thanks. I hope you you give 2 mounts for backers. Hint hint :)


Are there going to be under bar mounting options for the Fly12?  I already have a Mio sitting central to the bars and would ideally like to keep the Fly12 central to the bike also.  (Bought the New Fly6 a few weeks and and love it . So do my mates, with at least 5 further orders due from them soon)

Hi Stephen,

There sure will be. It will come with a mount that will work both above and below as well as the option to use mounts such as a K-edge that would link a garmin (above) and Fly12 (below)


Thanks for the support !!


Will the Fly12 be displayed at the UK Cycle show later this year?  I've looked at the list of exhibitors so far booked and couldn't see an obvious entry from your company.

Hi Stephen - we won't be exhibiting at the show as it is too close to Interbike for us!

Will I be able to use the fly12 as a car dashcam also?  I have ordered one, so looking forward to getting it.  However as a car owner too - I have started looking into a camera for my car. It strikes me that the fly12 would be perfect - save me from having to buy a second camera.

So I have added my question here to this "mounts" thread - as you would obviously need to be able to mount it.

Also being able to turn off the light would be a good feature too - if you are using it as a dash-cam

Hi Ian,

You sure can. Fly12 will have many applications due to the nature of the mount.

You will be able to turn the light off also leaving the device in record only mode.

I hope that answers you queries!




That is excellent news..... while my main reason for buying it is for my bike...... I think this will double as an excellent dashcam too.

Thanks Anthony,


 No Problems Ian,

We are glad to see you are as excited about the product release as we are!!

Watch this space...



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