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Front and Rear view from one unit

Tired of having to purchase, mount, charge, sync two separate cameras, what I'd like to see is a single unit that will record a single file that shows both front and rear view at the same time. This could mean having two lens pods - one forward, and back - that back plug into the main brain that then writes one wide file from both images. Or maybe the rear camera is integrated into the brain, and only the front camera is remote. Maybe the camera heads both attach to the helmet, and the battery pack is remote. Either way, the time has come to need both directions recorded, and it should happen from a single unit for mounting/cost/weight/convenience considerations.

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 Hi Darell,

Apologies for such a delayed response and thank you for your ideas and thoughts on a single unit.

Unfortunately there are a few barriers that stand in the way for making this a reality. These include:

  • To be able to sustain clear/crisp/ stable footage the unit/s must be mounted to either the handle bars or seat post. Thus, a multi-directional unit will always be blocked by the rider in one direction.
  • Keeping units small and compact that have good quality, long lasting batteries is very challenging. For this reason a single unit with enough power to power camera and lights that cover both back and front will result in a much larger unit.

Your suggestions have been noted and we always take feed back to our R&D team.



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