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Fly 12

Does the Fly12 light have a cut-off for the top of the beam or is it cone shaped like that of a torch?

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Hi Ross,

A great Question. We have taken this exact fact into account. As riders we realise the need to have the light angled towards the coming terrain making it safer at dark times. The Fly12 camera has a very wide viewing angle so having the unit angled down will still allow you to capture everything up front.


 Camera angle on the Fly12. I place my light beam slightly down to avoid blinding oncoming bikes, having the pool of light 3 or 4 bike lengths in front. This I assume would also place the camera in a similar down wards angle, perhaps missing important up front footage. Can the camera lens be facing foreward while having the light in a slight down position, or is the Fly12 lens able to take in a wide vertical image.

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