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Viewer screen for rear camera

It would be cool to have a live view of the rear camera to act as a rear view mirror. 

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I considered making one using an arduino setup. Haven't yet though. Would be really useful.

 HI Eric - we do get this request a lot however our opinion is that watching a screen on your handle bars while cycling is actually dangerous itself. In addition, we question what the rider would do by observing a car driving towards them. Would they assume that the car is going to drive around them or assume that the car is going to hit them....which choice would they make each time they observe a car behind them on the screen? If you picked the first option, there would be no need for the screen and if you picked the second option, you would have to ride onto the footpath every time you see a car in the screen.

For those reasons and a number of technical reasons, this will not be happening with our products.

Hope that makes sense.



Hi Anthony

The risks and decisions you raise with live view are the same risks cyclists with rear view mirrors face every day. It follows that if rear view mirrors were as dangerous as you suggest, nobody would buy them at all. Yet rear view mirrors are one of the default cycling accessories cyclists buy in large numbers - a bit of a contradiction to your rationale.

Three reasons why cycliq should consider a live view screen seriously:

1. It would offer a significantly BETTER view of what is happening behind the cyclists than ANY rear view mirror anywhere can manage. This would enhance the safety value of the rear view function.

2. In many introductory press coverage, cycliq products are marketed for their safety enhancement attributes. This can not be correct if they are passive "after-the-event" products. For cycliq to truly claim safety functionality, it should be active and provide the rider with the option of using the product to avoid an accident. This is only possible if cycliq had a live view screen.

3. As you correctly note, you have received a lot of requests for this functionality. Clearly there is a huge demand for this feature. If legal liability risks are one of the technical issues preventing your firm moving ahead with incorporating this feature, I would suggest that you include a clear disclaimer statement in your instruction manual. 

I personally use a rear view mirror and not withstanding the dangers and risks you raise, I would feel much much safer with a live view cycliq camera to replace my mirror. I would be willing to a pay a modest premium to cover the costs of any additional technical work and risks that such a product would entail. The feature can be sold as an option to the main product so as not to antagonize cyclists that are not enthusiastic about it. 

I therefore request that your team reconsider its strategic position on this feature.



What if you added a screen to your new mobile app that would display the live view from the rear-facing camera via bluetooth?  That way another device would not be necessary and you could leverage the app you already have.  

I'm using my phone to read my queue sheet to me so I don't have to take my eyes off of the road.  It also gives me feedback about things like cadence to help me avoid grinding my knees and injuring them again.  

If positioned well, it will be much easier to see my phone than my mirror.  I check my mirror frequently.  Whenever grabbing for my water bottle or power bar, I check what is happening behind me first.  If someone is approaching from behind, I wait to drink, eat, wipe my nose or do anything that might cause me to swerve, even a few inches.  

I have been hit by a car and am lucky to be alive.  I'm convinced the fewer distractions, like looking to the left at my mirror (which is sometimes hard to view because I'm on my hoods), the better.  My phone is already positioned just a few inches below my field of view versus my mirror which requires me to turn my head and look down to the left of my handle bars.

Hi Dave,

Thank you for raising these queries.

Firstly , Ill start by saying the current Fly6 is not a connected device so connecting with our CycliqPlus app via Bluetooth is not possible. That being said the next generation of Fly6 will be a connected smart device so i will forward your comments to the development team as we consider all aspects of our consumer feedback as we test and further develop our products.




Good day forum

I cycle in the Fr. Alps & it appears trendy especially for motor bikes, but often cars (usually of an entry type smaller models ) to pass cyclists whilst labouring up a 16%+ mountain road allowing perhaps as much as 100mm clearance (that's 4 inches) or even less.....they do not every time have the required judgement ! 

It occurs to me that if riders are currently monitoring the rear facing camera on their phones (presumably attached to handle bars or similar) it must be a reasonably small step via Wi Fi to project the image to a helmet/glasses mounted screen about the size of a "phone watch" watch . Alternatively via low tech (ish) G**gle type glasses which have prototyped with far more sophisticated processes functions and cloud accessibility. 

Early 21st century cell phones had an appropriate small screen and capability to transfer video from the camera lens to the screen ...OK short distance but even a longer "wired" version would achieve the goal .......WI FI even better.

Clearly the necessary technology is currently available economically.


I, too, would appreciate a "rear view mirror" feature of a future Fly6-type product. I most often ride in mountains where I might go hours without seeing a car, and the occasional glance down would be easier/safer than turning around to look, or just waiting until I notice that they're right on my rear.

It would also be useful on some group rides where I'm sometimes surprised how quietly some friends can camp on my wheel without my noticing.


I completely agree with the comments regarding a live camera view vs. mirrors.  I currently rely on the latter.  I'm considering buying both the front and rear camera but without a live view capability I won't.  It's that simple.

And by the way, a GoPro can be set up with streaming live view so FLY6 is at a competitive disadvantage.  I'll get a GoPro if your devices don't develop a live view feature.

Personally I'm old school and want to rely less on technology to get me out of a scrape. Camera is good, battery life and (better) image quality is most important to me. 

Over time I have changed my opinion about rear live view. Now I would rather be without it, and use a mirror - but a helmet/glasses mounted one. Why? 

Major battery sapping for one. For my 4-5 hour rides this would be a big problem. I use a blackburn helmet mirror that is stabilised with the mirror against the rim of my helmet. Watching traffic is totally effortless, the mirror moves relative to my head so I can easily scan for traffic in different directions, the field of view is wider and clearer than it would be with even a retina display positioned on the handle bars, because the mirror is so close to your eyes. My line of sight is not badly compromised (yay for binocular vision) and the thing doesn't need batteries. Cicliq: if youre thinking of a rear view live view option then branch your product into two models. I want long lasting high quality images over bells and whistles. 

I should note that rumours of the new generation of gopro hero and session include more than double the battery life and at even higher higher frame rates with up to 4K resolution. If this is true then I would play devils advocate and say that the unified back light and camera is nice but not as safe as a future session and regular light, so up the res and image quality pleeeeeease and stay in the game.

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