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Lanyard, the ability to turn off auto shut off and replacable usb cover

1. Lanyard, I've lost a GPS and some lights in the past and like to have a lanyard on my bike equipment. Is it possible to include a hole to attach one in future releases? And is the top of the mount under the key (that clicks into the mounting bracket) clear to drill through for ad-hoc adding one? Obviously it'd be done at my own risk.

2. Ability to disable the auto shut off as the bloody stairs on the Harbour bridge set this off and I've missed footage because of it.

3. I'm sometimes a bit of a clutz and I've managed to rip off the silicon usb cover. Maybe this should be screwed in where the (attachment used to for me) so if clutz's like me rip it off we can replace it and not carefully manage where I put it when I charge it etc

Hi Divad,

Apologies for the delayed response.Your queries have been addressed below:

1. Great Idea!! We have already factored this in and included a tether hole on the Fly12 for this exact reason. This will continue to be considered on all further releases of Cycliq products.

2. Can I please clarify which model Fly6 you have (Original of New?) The devices have this critical function in case of an incident or accident occurring and for that reason cant be simply turned on/off. However there are other factors that can lead to a device shutting down dependent upon which unit you have. We will await your reply.

3. The USB cover can be replaced on the New Fly6 model. Please contact support for further assistance regarding replacement.




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