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proposed update is image stamped speed + forum entry on figuring speed from raw video


I have discussed car incidents I have experienced with law enforcement officers. None of them can grok the idea that I am able to travel at the posed speed limit much of the time. I believe from elapsed time-distance that I am averaging better than 20mph/32kph in hilly terrain. Nearly all of my incidents have been when I slowed to turn onto another road etc, or when I was going the spped limit while the car approached at double or more the speed limit, so going slower is not going to help.

A normal handlebar speedo just means that they must take my word for how fast I am going. None of them are up to the math it takes to calculate from the raw video, and would not believe the cyclists version of the math and calculations without a firm resource to turn to. They do not have enough available time to go out and measure the road and then clock the time in the video to get speed.

So, I am asking that you consider a speed stamp on frames just as the time stamps are. I know that this would increase complexity and cost a bit with a wireless speedo, but would vastly improve cyclists cases.

In lieu of this, a posted algorithm for computing speed directly from video would be much appreciated. I will continue to work on this and email to you should I have success, but I have a lot to do and help on this would be appreciated.

Lastly, calculating the car speed from video would be a dream come true.

No car currently. No option to avoid incidents by driving a death box of my own.



Hi Dan - thanks for your comments. To have a speed calculation I would assume we would need to re-design our products significantly of which we can't do at this point. If you need a record of your speed while cycling, there are a number of apps you can use on a smartphone like Strava which not only monitor but record your speed and location at the same time. Perhaps if you use Strava while cycling, you can correlate the data from Strava with the footage from your Fly6 and that will help the police with your situations.

Hope that helps!

Happy cycling.



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