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Will there be a combo set to but for both fly6 and fly12?

i want to purchase the pre order for the fly 12 so badly and upset i missed the pre order for the fly6. in reality i want to purchase both. but if there's gonna be a combo set in the future for a better price than the pre order and msrp i would like that sense money is tight but still concern for my safety.

Hi Paul - the situation is that Fly6 is ready and available to purchase now. Fly12 is in design & prototyping at the moment and won't be ready until later in the year. We don't have any plans to bring out a combo pack however if we do, I don't think you will find them at better than pre-order pricing.

The recent re-pricing of Fly6 and the pre-order pricing for Fly12 make them very good value at the moment!

Hope that answered your query.

Happy cycling


thank you for your quick and honest answer. if that is the case,i was just wondering if i were to purchase the fly 6 and pre order the fly 12 if you can ship it together when the fly 12 is release to save on shipping.

Hi Paul - I understand we have answered this question directly but for the sake of others looking at this post. The answer is no. While one product is available and the other is one pre-order, they will be dealt with separately.


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