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Easier viewing of video footage

Hi, Is it possible to for the Fly 12 (& the Fly 6) to have an easier viewing process? I've taken footage of an incident to the police, however to download, then cut the footage is very time consuming. (using 2 different programs)

Hi Peter - Fly6 we use VideoPad to trim (meaning cut out the bit you want) the footage so you can show people just the bits that you want. It works well with the Fly6 footage and most people find it easy to use. It is free to download and the links are found on our solutions page.

With Fly12 you will be able to access the footage on your smartphone, trim it and send it within minutes. The format (MP4) will work well with most popular programs and operating systems.


Hi Andrew, is there any intention, in a future Fly 6 model to change the file format to MP4 so it also will work with the new App? I must admit, and I'm not a complete techno fool, that I've found it a bit challenging and very time consuming to use the suggested programs to edit and save video clips so I'd love something quick and easy, it sounds like you have this covered with the Fly12
Hi Deborah,

Yes the intention is that future Fly6 models will follow the Fly12 formats that are Mp4 and easily link with Apps we develop for our Cycliq products.

Hope that answers your query.


Thanks Andrew, your answer surprises me not at all! You guys are all over it! Cheers Deborah

More than two years there any solution to this? Is the firmware for Fly 6 going to enable mp4 recording?

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