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Recording Whilst Charging


First of all, I just wanted to say I think the Fly6 is a great product.  I'm very happy with my purchase.  

One feature I'd love to see is the ability to charge and record simultaneously.  I sometimes do all day rides and the battery life of the unit can become an issue.  My ideal solution would be to have one of those small USB battery units you can use to top up your mobile phone with in my saddle bag with a cable feeding out to the Fly 6 to keep it running on all-dayers.  

I've tested such a setup, but I can't seem to get the Fly6 to record whilst it charges.

Am I missing something obvious or is this perhaps something that could be perhaps implemented in a future firmware update?

Many thanks


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Hi Matt - I remember they said this was added in with the last firmware update, although I haven't tried it yet myself.  Latest firmware is here: 
I use a portable charger to power my phone while out, I think you could easily get one of the small chargers and strap to under your seat (or put it in a seat bag) connected to your Fly6 in order to keep it going for a very long time indeed.


Hi Loxycoon

I've got it sorted.  The short answer was that I hadn't tested the setup enough!  First off, I was already upgraded to the latest firmware (But I did it again.  Just to be sure!).

Basically, what seems to matter is the order in which you connect and switch things on: in my previous test, I'd attached the battery pack, powered it on and then tried to turn on the Fly6.  The Fly6 did not respond and no files were recorded.

To get it working, I switched on the Fly6 and then connect and powered up the battery pack.  There is a short break in the recording (i.e. 2x files are generated), but otherwise it's a seamless process.  I've just viewed some footage recorded this way so I can confirm this method works.

Oddly, once you've cleared the initial setup and have the Fly6 running whilst connected to the battery pack, it seems you can switch the Fly6 off and back on again with no problems (which contradicts the behaviour seen in my first test...).

At any rate, I'm glad it works.  I've tested this with a small 'Anker' brand USB battery pack with a capacity of 3350 mAh that outputs 5V/1A.  The battery is smaller than and roughly the same weight as the Fly6 and cost GBP10 from Amazon. I'm not sure what capacity the Fly6 battery has, but I suspect this pack would be able to substantially extend its running time.

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