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A few feedback items / feature requests.

I've had the version2 Fly6 for since December and I would like to give a bit of feedback, having used it daily through summer and now winter.

I think the features and operation of the camera are very good and certainly Fly6 is on the right track for daily commuting use with looping recording and the incident mode where it keeps going for an hour.  I do like it and because I like it, I think it's worth giving feedback and maybe some will make it's way into the next version.

  1. Lens flare.  This is the main problem.  If the sun is in the field of view, most of the picture is washed out and filled with lens flare. This means if I am heading west on my morning commute with the sun behind me, I am not able to read number plates in the footage.  It also affects quality at night - a few number plates would have been readable just off the red LED lights, had the car headlights not flared the lens.  I think it either needs a multicoated glass lens instead of plastic or a lens hood, or both.
  2. One of my mounting brackets split in half vertically. The camera was on my desk charging and the bike was in the shed hanging up at the time. So not while riding. I had made no modifications to the bracket, I think it just gave out under stress from the rubber bands. I am now using the second bracket with the rubber bands looped one stop less tight. The camera now wobbles about on the post going over bumps.
  3. I have had the camera pop out of the mount vertically when going over a bump on one occasion.  The camera survived hitting the road with just a dent to the base.  I now check it's pushed into the mount properly, as the little bump doesn't give much feedback.  Honestly, Cateye is the gold standard for mounts with their nylon flextight bracket.  My cateye front light is secured so firmly you can actually lift the whole bike off the ground just holding it.
  4. Battery life indicator seems innaccurate.  After 15 minutes riding it goes from fully charged to 2 beeps - summer and winter.  This used to worry me, but it remains on 2 beeps for my longer rides which are about 3 hours.  Basically, I never have an idea of how much battery is remaining.
  5. Rubber charging door cover.  This is pretty hard to open now the tiny opening tab has torn off.  This happened after about two weeks.  The tab should have been larger and more solid.
  6. On off button and brightness button are hard to tell apart.  It would be good if they were at different heights on the body to help differentiate them - even both at the same side with the power button on top would be more clear from a motor memory point of view.
  7. If you drop the camera, the plastic lens could get scratched.  A little rubber lens hood - see point 1 - would prevent this.  I added a rubber washer with a bit of non reactive glue and it's slightly improved lens flare, but only with the sun overhead, not in frame.  This does protect the lens very well and also stops water running down the lens when it's raining, which is also important.
  8. Two of the flashing modes seem pretty identical. Does one give better battery life?
Thanks and hope that this feedback is useful.

Some worst case examples of lens flare. Although these aren't hard to find and happen frequently.   It may be that a photo like this is washed out just when you need it to identify a car. Also, the red LEDs appear in nighttime footage, washing out detail.

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