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Fly 12 Feature Question... RE: IT EVEN HAS ITS OWN BACK

I'm reading this line in the product description, and I must admit, I'm very curious... How does this work? There's no description of how the information is communicated to you from the bike.

Also, while I've got your attention, will this camera have infinite loop recording? I would love to not have to deal data management if possible.

And lastly, will the preorder come with mounts?

 HI Ross,

Fly12 has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. It can be used with our new CycliqPlus 1.0 IOS app so you don't need to wait to get back to a computer to watch your footage. You will be able to share with friends and beyond straight from your phone.

Fly12 will continuously loop and will be sold via pre-order with our standard mount option.  HURRY, pre-order is set to close very very soon!




Okay, so the range on the thing can't be that great then. Bluetooth only goes about 20 ft, and not through walls very well. I wouldn't want to leave the device on my bike if I'm going to be away from my bike for long.

Is there going to be an android app at launch? If not, how far in the future should it be expected?

Thanks for answering!

Anything regarding Android support?

 Hi Ross,

The CycliqPlus 1.0 application is still very much in the development phase. Once we have IOS running we will be looking at providing an interface for the other platforms.




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