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Fly12 & Fly6 connectivity

The ability to connect the Fly6 to the Fly12 via a USB cable and then while hardwired:

  1. gain access to the Fly6 videos via the Fly12 interface
  2. view the Fly6 videos on your mobile device just like the Fly12 videos
  3. share the Fly6 videos just like the Fly12 videos
  4. synchronize the date and time
  5. check battery status of both devices
  6. the ability to delete files on either device via the Fly12 interface

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7. the ability to shift video clips from the Fly6 to the Fly12 to take advantage of its larger capacity

8. the ability to lock a clip on either device to prevent overwriting


Change out the media card to a larger capacity, I changed the 8g rear capacity to 32 gigs,  just get a 60mb/sec or faster card, insert new card, the device autoformats and adds the text file.

When I first used the fly12 app, I expected there to be a way to long hold and delete videos.  Especially as the first few times I am just messing around with it and trying to get a feel for how it works.  I also expected for the tramlines/strava data to be superimposed from the outset, but alas you need to edit the video and export it to get this.  And doing thin on the phone is time-consumingly slooow.  It makes me think it would be easier to do on my computer (which is another thing I expected to be possible).

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