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FLY12 News

When can we expect to see the Fly12 in the UK?  I preordered mine some months ago, with a forecast date of Nov 2015 .. Are there any updates on this please?

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I am in the same position. An update would be nice. The pre-order is now showing delivery December 15/January 16.

I see that the FLY12 footage has link Starva, which I guess is via the owner's Garmin.  Can the FLY12 also link to a Miocyclo 505 or similar device


can we get an update please Cycliq?  you have our money!!!!

There has been multiple updates about the Fly12 over the last year. I received them via email. Check your junk folder to make sure that they haven't been redirected to there.

I also preordered when the original release date was Nov 2015 but Cycliq have sent emails informing of the delays.

I would rather have a delay than a rushed unit.

Davog, there must be a different mailing list because I have not recieved any communications beyond confirmation of pre-order and judging by the comments from others they have not either. A public progress update would be appreciated. Cycliq did show the Fly12 at Interbike in the USA with press indicating shipping was imminent.

Hi I have only had one update too. Chris

I have not received updates until early November when I received an explanation. If you haven't received it I have copied it in below:

Hi there – thanks for pre-ordering Fly12. It has been a long time coming however we have been working our tails off to bring you one of the best cycling innovations in a while….well, since Fly6 anyway!


Wanted to provide you with an update on timing. We were hoping to have everything ready for November/December however, as is the way with new inventions, we have had a few delays in developing Fly12. The delays are often due to resolving issues found from field testing prototypes, or improving the unit from bench testing. One of the recent findings is with the aluminium housing and getting the finish consistent. It is a very difficult process given we are working with aluminium and this week, we found we need to introduce a new process to the manufacturing of this part. To test and go through quality control, it is going to eat up at least two weeks on top of our schedule. My co-founder, Kingsley is camped in China, at the factory for the next 2-3 weeks making sure all the finishing touches are done and all efforts are made to get Fly12 out the door.


Another delay is in the delivery of the Android app. The iOS app has taken much longer than anyone anticipated. I guess this is because we are working on things no-one has ever done before from a functional perspective and making both the app and the hardware work together to achieve these functions has been nothing short of epic! We are nearly there with the iOS and as soon as we are, we will get cracking on the Android app. That is the bad news. The good news is that we will have learned so much the Android app should not take too long to release. Luckily, we have designed Fly12 and its core features to work without the app – it’s just that the app unlocks loads of cool features.


With all these delays, it means it is highly unlikely we can ship in time for Christmas. At this stage the factory is telling us that shipments can start in late December through to mid January. We have got assurances from the factory that all orders will be completely shipped before Chinese New year when many of the manufacturing and logistics companies shut down for 3-4 weeks.


We are as disappointed as you in these delays however it has all been to make sure the product we ship to you is something that is robust and something you will enjoy using for a long time. Ultimately as the CEO, I am responsible for these things and I do offer my apologies. All I can say that it is not from sitting on our haunches! Once you have your Fly12 in your hands, I think I will be completely forgiven!


Kingsley will be asking for your current shipping address before we send them out so look out for that email. For now we are looking forward to delivering your Fly12 to you.


Ride safe!



Andrew Hagen

Chief Executive Officer


PO Box 130, Leederville, WA 6903, Australia


Winner of:

Editors pick 2014:


 Hi There,

As eluded to above in several posts updates have been going out periodically. Many are published on the Kickstarter platform and the others via our Newsletter and/or CEO email as copied above by Simon.

We are still refining the product and the software / hardware game is a very complex beast as I am sure you can appreciate. Out latest release stated that we want to bring you the best product possible which meant those who have pre-ordered should receive their units in the early new year.

We trust people will understand the small delays in order to receive a product that is the very best it can be!




Will it be possible to mount Fly12 sideways and record normally? Also can it be mounted to a helmet?

I realize this is primarily targeted for cyclists, but can be a great alternative for motorcyclists using contour/gopro:


Hi Alexander,

The Fly12 will capture footage (correct orientation) at 180 degree Angles but not at 90 degrees (on its side). The Fly12 will still record on this 90 degree orientation however the recorded footage will reflect this angle.

As the Fly12 uses a universal mount, It most certainly will be able to be mounted to Helmets. In fact, Fly12 will have many uses including Motorbike's and Dash Cams to name just a few.




That's unfortunate it won't capture it properly when turned 90 degrees. Greatly diminishes it's usefulness for mounting on a motorcycle helmet.


When can we expect to see the Fly12 in the NL

Hi guys. I have the last Cycliq update from last Friday "fly 12: Testing Testing 1, 2, 3"

in that news letter stated Backers/pre-orders can expect their units mid to late January 2016

I can hardly wait

a happy owner of 2 Fly 6

cheers George

Problem with posting updates on kickstarter is that they are posted as only being readable by backers, I missed the kickstarter round and pre-ordered so I can't read the positings on kickstarter.

Simon, I have raised this very same issue in emails with Andrew, Anthony and Kingsley, and I was lead to believe:

  1. I was unique in not getting updates (clearly I am not)
  2. That all future updates would go to the universe of Fly12 backers and pre-orders
Previously they have also indicated that each of us with orders on the book would be receiving email asking us to confirm our current shipping address. Has anyone received an email asking this question?  
Hi Simon,

Like several others customers , Can you please confirm you current email address (send to There have been updates sent to pre-orders much like George eludes to so thinking the email we have for you is not current.

Best Regards,




Happy to confirm my email address but as I use it to login I doubt you have an incorrect email address.
I see the app is on the App Store
Not in the google play store though.


 yes I would like to know when am I going to get my front light

@Steven Graff  I got the address confirmation request on 20 Dec 2015.  Heard nothing since and I'm getting a bit frustrated by the wait.

Hi I sent 2 emails last week with no reply, no news or updates with when my product is going to arrive since last year when they were delayed until January. January will soon be flying by.

Any updates of when we can expect shipments to start? Fair enough there are delays, I get that but regular updates please I don't like feeling ignored, especially as you already have our money.

Many Thanks

@Stephen Smith, over on Cycliq's facebook page the person managing the page responded to a similar inquiry on January 23 with, "Stay tuned for an official update within the next 7 days."

 Hi Jamie,

We have your current postal details which have been forwarded to the staff collating this for the distribution of Fly12.

An update regarding timing will be sent to Kickstarter and Pre-Orders on Friday morning (Australian local time)



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