How to charge Fly12

Modified on: 2017-09-08 10:07:48 +0800

Fly12 can be charged in any of the following ways:

A. Via your Computer’s USB port
B. Universal USB AC Adapter (not included)
C. Universal USB auto charger (not included)

When completing a full charge of your Fly12, Cycliq recommend connecting your unit to a wall mount "Universal USB AC Adapter" (B) for the fastest charge rate. Depending on charge level when Fly12 is connected a complete charge cycle will take between 6- 8 hours with an AC / wall charger. Charging using your Computer's USB port can take as long as 20+ hours to fully charge. 

When you connect your Fly12 the charge port light will illuminate red and then green when fully charged.

In the unlikely event your battery has discharged please try the following procedure. If you connect the charge cable and light does not illuminate leave connected for 2 minutes and then disconnect. Next, reconnect and repeat the process 6-8 times and your Fly12 will begin taking charge.

Note: We recommend using a charger with an output of 5 Volts or below. Make sure to use a wall charger from a reputable brand.

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