Fly12 Tramline Set-Up

Modified on: 2016-08-05 13:13:38 +0800

To set up your Fly12 Tramlines - Simply follow the steps below:

Note: Tramlines will be accurate when the Fly12 is set horizontal to the ground. The Tramlines will not be visually correct if your Fly12 is tilted towards the sky or to the ground.

Step 1. Access tramline settings within the CycliqPlus app.

Step 2. Select the appropriate width to your region.

Step 3. Enable/disable text (this allows you see the chosen width once you have edited and saved the clip)

Step 4. Choose the width of your handle bars and enter the figure

Step 5. Measure from the centre of the bars/stem to the centre of the camera lens and enter the figure.

              If your Fly12 lens is left of the bars select (-) if the Fly12 lens is to the right select (+)

Step 6. Measure the height from the ground directly to the centre of the camera lens and enter the figure

Step7. Your tramline set-up is complete. You can enable this feature in the overlays section when editing footage via the CycliqPlus app.

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