Fly12 Home Safe Mode and Battery Run Time

Modified on: 2018-01-12 10:08:03 +0800

 Fly12 "Home Safe Mode" will be enabled when the Fly12 battery status is "LOW"

You will notice the following when Home Safe Mode has been engaged:

- Your Fly12 light will reduce to low constant setting

- Your Fly12 will beep at 5-second intervals

- Your Fly12 will discontinue recording

Below is the expected run time of Fly12 before Home Safe Mode is engaged* 

Battery run time up to 10hrs (720p at 30FPS in camera only) 
Battery run time up to 6hrs (100 Lumen - lowest flashing mode and camera)
Battery run time up to 4hrs (200 Lumen - medium flashing mode and camera)
Battery run time up to 2hrs (400 Lumen - highest flashing mode and camera)

To revert to normal Fly12 operation simply complete a full charge of Fly12 and enjoy your next ride!

*Note that these indicative values only and can vary based on the amount of usage, age, charge cycles and temperature.

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