Tips for overcoming Strava overlay issues

Modified on: 2018-07-09 08:13:53 +0800

If you are experiencing syncing problems with your Strava overlay on your Fly12 footage, please try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Ensure you have the latest app
  • Ensure you have Internet connectivity
    • For iOS: ensure you have mobile data connectivity
    • For Android: ensure you click "Sync Strava" before you review your footage.
  • Ensure that you are logged in and connected to the correct Strava account (yes! this has happened to a user who was trying to sync with his wife's account.)
  • If your footage still can't find your Strava metrics for your footage it could be due to the following:
    • You have not synced your phone with the Fly12. If you have a new phone (or have recently re-set your phone to factory default) you need to connect to the Fly12 with your app. This ensures that the time on your phone is matched with Fly12's time. This is so our app can effectively match the timestamps on Fly12 footage with Strava timestamps. Unfortunately, however, this will not work for videos that you have already recorded on Fly12 with an incorrect timestamp, but it will work with future video recordings.
    • Where you rode is in a different timezone than your current phone timezone setting. Change your timezone on your phone to the timezone where you recorded your metrics. This is so our app can effectively match the timestamps on Fly12 footage with Strava timestamps.
    • Your bike computer's time or timezone settings are incorrect. Please try and update your bike computer's time zone.
  • If your footage is slightly out of sync with Strava
    • This could be a clock mismatch between your bike computer and phone. When you connect to Fly12 with the app, we update Fly12's clock to be the same as your phone. Try to match your bike computer and phone time, then connect your Fly12 to your phone to update Fly12's clock again.
    • Strava smoothes metrics. Through our investigation it appears Strava smoothes certain metrics like speed, thus sudden changes in speed (eg. stopping), may take a few seconds for Strava to "register" this abrupt change.

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