Fly6[V] Quick Format

Modified on: 2017-03-13 15:56:49 +0800

To perform a quick format, please do the following steps. *NOTE: Please be aware that formatting your SD card will remove all videos from your SD card*

  1. Connect Fly6[V] to your computer (SD card inserted into the device)
  2. Open Fly6 directory
  3. Open the CONFIG.TXT file.
  4. Change the "0" to FORMATLED
  5. Save the file before exit.
  6. Safely remove the Fly6[V]  from your computer and turn on the device to have the settings take effect.


  • In case the unit is not recognised by the computer, insert the microSD card to the SD card adapter (included in the box) and then insert it to an SD card reader in your computer.
  • Be sure that there are no unnecessary spaces.
  • You will have to go back into the config.txt file after the new settings taking effect to set you time/date stamp.

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