What to do when your battery is not lasting longer as expected.

Modified on: 2018-05-08 10:57:43 +0800

Depending on the age of your unit, natural battery deterioration can be expected over time. With that said, there are simple steps you can do to help improve your runtime.

First, please make sure you are using a recommended SD card and format it once every few months. You can check the link of SD cards for your consideration, https://cycliq.com/sdcards/

Second, it is important that you charge your unit regularly to make sure you do not lose camera function mid-ride. We recommend charging your unit via a wall charger with an output of 5 volts and at least 1 amp and leave it until it is fully charged before unplugging. 

Lastly, having the latest firmware ensure that your unit is up-to-date with all the fixes and enhancements. Please check this link for the latest firmware, https://cycliq.com/firmware

Note: If you also have an app, please be sure to get the latest version by checking here, https://cycliq.com/app

You can do a bench test by doing 3 steps below to see how your unit performs

1. Format your SD card 

2. Disable idle Mode via the app (For older units - Fly6 & Fly6[V], you can disable your idle mode by going to the config.txt file and change "0" to "5")

3. Give your unit a full charge using a wall charger.

Once fully charged, place the unit on top of a flat surface and turn it on. We recommend turning off the LED lights so you can check how long the battery lasts in default mode. 

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