Fly6 overview

Modified on: 2017-02-27 14:23:33 +0800


: Before operating, ensure the USB cover is firmly depressed and seated fully

Power button

  • Turn On/Off (depress for 1 second)
  • Toggle through flashing sequences (depress briefly)

Courtesy Dimmer

Use this button to cycle through dimming modes (High, Med, Low and Off)

Fly6 will remember your last settings

Incident Protection Mode

If device is tilted more than 30 degrees from horizontal for more than 5 seconds, 3 quick beeps will sound and incident protection mode will be activated. Fly6 will continue to record for 1 hour and then turn off (with 3 loud beeps).

Idle Mode

If the device remains stationary for 15 minutes, it enters idle mode and the unit automatically turns off. Idle mode prevents battery from depleting if you have forgotten to turn off your Fly6 and it remains stationary for 15 minutes by turning off.

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