How to purchase Adapter Packs for Fly6 (Not for Fly6 Original or Fly6[v])

Modified on: 2017-02-22 15:19:36 +0800

You can now order extra attachments to compliment your existing Fly6 known as "Adapter Packs"

We have listened to our valued customers who often express the fact they have more than 2 bikes and have created two types of these special packs including: 

Both include 2 x full sets of the preferred mounting options including brackets, spacers and straps all packaged in a Cycliq custom water bottle.

Cost (USD)
Standard or Aero adapter pack $26 plus + $9 shipping

If you would like to order an adapter pack please send $35 (USD) to and make sure you mention which pack you would like along with your desired delivery address + phone number and we will dispatch a pack to you.

Adapter packs get sent out using a postal service and can take up to two weeks.

Here's how you can send payment:

When you log in to your PayPal account, click on "Send Money" then on the next page, enter the email address and the purchase amount with the currency in USD. Refer to the screenshot below as an example:



Under Special Instructions to Seller, put a note and mention which adaptor pack you are purchasing, your residential address+ phone number.

Once you are done, please forward us a copy of your PayPal receipt via and we will get back to you once everything is in order.

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