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Fly12 CE Files size - Record length

Modified on: 2018-01-23 14:07:05 +0800

Below you can find file sizes depends on different conditions. Bear in mind that Fly12 has variable bitrate (VBR). Depending on what you’re recording, file size can be different. For examples, when recording just white wall, the file size will be very small.

The above table contains average file sizes. I asked for the most possible environment for our needs – outside, with trees and flat surface. Frame sample below.

Note: SD cards have lower usable space than advertised. For example, a 32GB card only has 29.7 usable space. At 1080p@60FPS 5 min intervals, it can store up to 2.5 hours (shortest) of video recording before it starts to loop. At 1080p@30FPS HDR 15 min intervals, it can store up to 3.5 hours (longest) of video footage before looping over.

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