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CE to ANT+Connection Guide for Fly12 CE

Modified on: 2019-01-16 17:16:12 +0800

To start pairing your Cycliq device to the Garmin EDGE, turn ON the devices that you want to pair with the EDGE.

Bring the device within 3 m (10 ft.) of the sensor.

NOTE: Stay 10 m (33 ft.) away from other riders' ANT‍+ sensors while pairing.

Open your Garmin EDGE and once it loads up, swipe down from the topmost part of the EDGE screen to access the quick menu.

Click on the “Sensors” button to open up the Sensors settings.

Click on "Add Sensor".

Scroll down the list and look for the “Light” button. Select the light sensors (Cycliq lights) that you want to pair with and click 'Add'.

Tip: to check which of your Cycliq devices is which in the ID list, look for the last five digits of your Fly12 CE’s Serial Number.

At this point, your Garmin EDGE device should start forming the Light Network, which is the connection that all of your devices have to be able to be controlled.

Once the “Forming Light Network” message has disappeared, press “Lights” to show the light menu.

Light controls

Ensure that the Enable switch is set to ON (Green).

To control your lights, press the Headlight (for Fly12 CE) button to access its settings.

Again, check if it’s enabled and enable it if it’s not.

Press Light Mode to access the light modes and select from High (Steady), Medium (Steady), Day Flash and Night Flash (Pulsing) modes to change the current light setting.


If the “Forming light network” message doesn’t disappear:

  • Restart the light network by opening the Light Network settings and setting Enable to OFF
  • Wait for a couple of seconds or until the “Forming light network” message disappears and try again.

If one or both of my lights doesn’t respond to light settings:

  • Unpair and Pair the device again by going to the Sensor settings and pressing “Remove”.

If you’re unable to access these settings indicated make sure that your Garmin EDGE device is updated to the latest version by connecting it on your Garmin Connect mobile or Desktop app.

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