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Setting up your Fly12 Sport

Modified on: 2024-07-03 12:30:21 +0800

Before your first ride

Please follow these steps before your first ride with your Fly12 Sport.

  1. Fully charge your Fly12 Sport
  2. Ensure the Fly12 Sport port door is securely closed
  3. Ensure the safety tether is correctly attached
  4. Ensure the rotation of the display screen is correct
  5. Ensure the date and time stamps are correct
  6. Register your Fly12 Sport

Charging your Fly12 Sport battery

Your Fly12 Sport comes partially charged. Before using it for the first time, please charge fully.

To charge:

  • Connect your Fly12 Sport to a USB power adapter (not supplied) using the supplied USB cable.
  • The indicator light will illuminate red showing the Fly12 Sport is charging.
  • The indicator light will illuminate green when the Fly12 Sport is fully charged.

You can charge your Fly12 Sport using the USB cable provided and your computer however, charging via your computer will significantly reduce the rate of charge. For the quickest charge, use a USB power adapter that supports USB fast charge (5V @ 2A).

Attaching the safety tether to your Fly12 Sport

  1. On the back and side of the Fly12 Sport there are two slots for the safety tether to be attached.
  2. Thread the thinner part of the tether through the slots, then thread the other end through the loop to secure the tether.
  3. We advise ALWAYS using your Fly12 Sport with the safety tether attached and secured around the handlebar or stem.

Changing the orientation of your Fly12 Sport

The rotation screen shows the orientation your Fly12 Sport is set to record in.

If the hold to rotate prompt is displaying upside down, rotate the screen so the text reads correctly.

Changing rotation

  • To rotate the orientation of your Fly12 Sport, press and hold the function button (for approximately 3 seconds).

To ensure you have the correct rotation set up, use the two options as a guide.

Mounted below handlebars Mounted above handlebars

Adjusting date and time stamp settings

All Fly12 Sport settings can be managed using CycliqPlus mobile app.

The first time you connect your Fly12 Sport to your mobile device you will need to follow the below steps to enable Bluetooth.

  • Turn on your Fly12 Sport by pressing and holding the power button.
  • Open CycliqPlus mobile app and make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device.
  • Select your Fly12 Sport from the menu.
  • The Bluetooth icon will appear on the Fly12 Sport’s display screen when a connection is established.

Time and date settings

  • The Fly12 Sport will automatically sync with the time and date settings from your smartphone when connecting to the CycliqPlus app.

Register your Fly12 Sport

Register your device for faster support and warranty enquiries.

We strongly advise you register your Fly12 Sport with Cycliq, to ensure you receive notifications of firmware updates, feature upgrades and user tips. Registration will also allow us to deliver the fastest possible response should you require technical or warranty support.

You can register your Fly12 Sport here.


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