Fly6 CE Current Firmware

Modified on: 2018-08-30 12:05:30 +0800

This firmware update is only intended for Fly6 CE.

How to update your Firmware

First, please check if you have the latest firmware by checking the code on your CycliqPlus desktop app (scroll to the bottom of the app for versions). If the DSP firmware version reads V1.1.25.636, then you have the latest firmware. If not, please follow the steps below to update your firmware to V1.1.25.636.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: There are two files included in this update, and each one will need to be installed separately – do not copy both files over at the same time.

Before you begin, please note:

  • Make sure your unit is at least 50% charged before performing the firmware update.
  • For best results, be sure to format your SD card via the app prior to copying the firmware files.
  • These firmware updates are not compatible with any other Cycliq devices (Fly12 CE, Fly6, Fly6[v] or Fly12).
  • DO NOT complete a Master Reset OR remove the microSD card when the unit is in the process of completing a firmware update – this may damage your Fly CE device.

Step 1 – Download and transfer the first Firmware file (DFU) 

Start by downloading the first file: fly6.dfu (We recommend using Chrome or Safari)

Then, plug in the Fly6 CE to your computer, and open the ‘FLY6’ SD card. Drag the fly6.dfu file over to your Fly6 CE, then unplug your Fly6 CE.

Fly6CE Firmware Installation 2

Turn your Fly6 CE on, and you’ll notice the flashing ‘Q’ LED in the Cycliq logo and one of the camera’s LEDs in the rotating bezel, will be on.

Fly6CE Firmware Installation 3

Wait roughly one minute until both lights turn off. This means the first part of the firmware is complete.

Step 2 – Download and transfer the second Firmware file (BRN)

Next, download the second file: fly6.brn (We recommend using Chrome or Safari)

Then plug your Fly6 CE back into your computer and copy over the fly6.brn file to the FLY6 SD card.

Fly6CE Firmware Installation 4

Disconnect the Fly6 CE, and turn it on. This time, only the flashing ‘Q’ LED will be on.

Fly6CE Firmware Installation 5

Wait roughly one minute until the flashing LED stops, and the installation is complete. You can then connect to your Fly6 CE via the CycliqPlus desktop app to double-check whether the firmware has been updated.

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