How to update your Fly6 CE firmware

Modified on: 2019-01-11 15:03:30 +0800

This firmware update is only intended for Fly6 CE.

Key updates

Battery Charge Bug - Fixed

Users have reported an issue where the Fly6 CE battery incorrectly appeared to be full, with the charging light turning green before the device is fully charged. This firmware update fixes this bug, so users should experience an increase in the battery life of their device if previously battery life was not as expected.

IMPORTANT: as this is targeting an issue around battery performance, the process for this firmware update is different to previous updates. Please allow extra time as the device will need to be fully charged and fully discharged for the firmware update to be complete.

Other major updates:

  • Added Footage Lock function similar to the Fly12 CE. Footage Lock can be activated by holding the Q button for 2 seconds during video recording.
  • HomeSafe mode has been adjusted to give greater recording time.
  • Improved recording quality and battery life.

 There are several other small updates which are detailed at the bottom of this post.

How to update your firmware

NOTE: this firmware update is different to previous updates so please read these instructions carefully.

First, please check if you have the latest firmware by checking the code on your CycliqPlus desktop app (scroll to the bottom of the app for versions). If the DSP firmware version reads V1.1.26.026, then you have the latest firmware. If not, please follow the steps below to update your firmware to V1.1.26.026.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: There are two files included in this update, and each one will need to be installed separately – do not copy both files over at the same time.

Before you begin, please note:

  • You will need to fully charge and discharge the Fly6 CE battery for this firmware update to be complete. Please allow extra time to complete this update.
  • Make sure your unit is fully charged before performing the firmware update.
  • For best results, be sure to format your SD card via the app prior to copying the firmware files.
  • We recommend using Chrome or Safari as your internet browser.
  • These firmware updates are not compatible with any other Cycliq devices (Fly12 CE, Fly6, Fly6[v] or Fly12).
  • DO NOT complete a Master Reset OR remove the microSD card when the unit is in the process of completing a firmware update – this may damage your Fly CE device.

Step 1 – Download and transfer the first firmware file (DFU file) 

Plug your Fly6 CE into your computer using the supplied USB-C cable. Your computer should recognise that the device has been plugged in when you open Finder (for Mac) or File Explorer (for Windows).

Download the first firmware file by clicking fly6.dfu.

Once the file has downloaded, open your downloads file in Finder/File Explorer and drag the file fly6.dfu from your downloads to the Fly6 device folder.

Fly6CE Firmware Installation 2

Unplug your Fly6 CE and turn it on - you’ll notice the flashing ‘Q’ LED in the Cycliq logo and one of the camera’s LEDs in the rotating bezel, will be on:

Fly6CE Firmware Installation 3

Wait roughly one minute until both lights turn off and the device beeps once. This means the first part of the firmware is complete.

Step 2 – Download and transfer the second firmware file (BRN file)

Plug you Fly6 CE into your computer once again and download the second firmware file by clicking fly6.brn.

Once the file has downloaded, find the file fly6.brn in your downloads folder and drag it to the Fly6 device folder.

Fly6CE Firmware Installation 4

Disconnect the Fly6 CE, and turn it on. This time, only the flashing ‘Q’ LED will be on.

Fly6CE Firmware Installation 5

Wait roughly one minute until the flashing LED stops and the device beeps once. This indicates that the second file has been installed correctly.

To complete your firmware update, you will need to fully discharge and charge your battery.

Step 3 – Fully discharge and charge your Fly6 CE battery

It is imperative that you complete this last step before the firmware update is complete. To discharge your battery fully, please run the device until it completely switches off. You can still use your device as normal while discharging the battery. Please note that you may experience unusual battery percentage readings if connected to the CycliqPlus app, so disregard these while performing the first full discharge and charge.

Following this firmware update you can expect your Fly6 CE battery to last up to 7.25hrs in camera only mode (recording at 1080p, 30 frames/second and with electronic image stabilisation disabled).

You can confirm that the firmware update has been successful by connecting your Fly6 CE via the CycliqPlus desktop app or CycliqPlus mobile app.

Additional update notes (V1.1.26.026):

  • Improved video quality – there were reports of occasional dropped frames and this has now been remedied.
  • Idle Mode and Incident Protection Mode are off by default on new devices. For devices already in use, your current settings will be maintained. Users are still able to toggle these modes on or off in the CycliqPlus mobile and desktop apps.
  • Previously Idle Mode would turn the Fly6 CE off following 15 minutes of inactivity. With this release, Idle Mode activates 15 minutes after the current recording segment is completed. 
  • Removed the low battery sound that would play every 60 seconds.
  • Added functionality to create your own Bluetooth device name in the CycliqPlus mobile app.
  • Removed the ability to install an old version of the firmware.
  • Improved SD card detection and formatting process.
  • Improved USB mass storage detection when plugging device into a PC.
  • Fixed an issue where the brightness changes when the light mode is changed.

Previous update notes (V1.1.25.636):

  • Previously, ANT+ was unreliable with the Fly6 CE when connecting and disconnecting. This has now been resolved. The CycliqPlus Garmin Connect IQ app is now compatible with the Garmin Edge 820, Edge Explore 820 and Edge 1030.
  • Fixed a false trigger of Incident Protection mode – the unit now operates normally and only triggers Incident Protection when the normal conditions have been met.
  • Improved battery level indicator when connecting via Bluetooth – there were reports of battery level readouts being displaying incorrectly in some instances, and this has been remedied.
  • The Fly6 CE’s name now uses the last 4 digits of its serial number to make it easier to locate via Bluetooth.
  • Changed the Fly6 CE’s reaction to an incorrectly formatted microSD card. Now, after fix, if card is in inappropriate format, the “error” warning flashes, with all bezel LED’s together, and “no SD” audible warning sounds.
  • The Fly6 CE’s charging LED will no longer bounce between green and red when fully charged.
  • You are now able to stop recording via Bluetooth after Incident Protection mode has been enabled.
  • Fixed a particular light pattern issue whereby if light mode is off-enabled and left with either solid mid or solid low and all flash disabled, pulse mode would be ignored.
  • Fixed the LED pattern change when the Fly6 CE is asleep for three minutes, some light modes are forgotten.
  • Fixed recording so that there cannot be recordings of 0 seconds – all files must be at least 2 seconds long.
  • Fixed timing issues for manually turning the alarm off – it is now more accurate to the intended 8 seconds.
  • Fixed unintentional Airplane mode sound when trying to manually turn the alarm off – holding the button for 2 seconds would usually sound Airplane mode, which can be confusing.
  • Fixed LED pattern changes once the alarm mode has stopped – there used to be a flash sequence change after the alarm is triggered and stopped, but this no longer happens.
  • Fixed watermark feature with Electronic Image Stabilisation – there wasn’t any watermark or timestamp when this feature was turned on, but this has been fixed.
  • Fixed issue with the light mode switching after Airplane mode being switched on.

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